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Spray Tutorial
My work table
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Alphabet stencils
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4 leaf clover cards
Sprayed tags
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Spray, Dye, and Digital
Altered Couture No. 2
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Scanned and manipulated
Spray sampler:  layers
Table top in process
Coffee table top
Crusade No. 8 ~ Cheap Tricks, files and tags
Save your scraps!
Make a mask
Spray color first!
Try wrapping paper.
Start with color.
Spray background first.
Clean 'em off!
Monoprinting with a stencil.
Clearly cool!
From my "Walls Notebook"
From my "Walls Notebook"
my hand stencil/mask
From my "Walls Notebook"
Old fave and a newish stencil
This man looks good as a stencil ;)
From my Table Scraps Journal
Using my new stencils!